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Who I Am  

"Good advertising always makes the client uncomfortable.
If you are comfortable, it is a sign you are just talking to yourself."

Portrait of the designer as a young man. NIIIICE set of wheels, man!
I stumbled upon this quote from a prominent copywriter and I think it speaks volumes for the way I feel about my work. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying everything I've produced is revolutionary, but I've had the opportunity to present some untraditional or unexpected concepts to clients. I've found in each case that the final product pleased the client and their customers as well.

To paraphrase Jerry Garcia – what a long, strange trip it's been to get here... My formal education and training started on black and white screen Mac Classics at a time when the Internet didn't really exist as we know it today. Then fast forward fifteen years to me sitting in a cubicle designing web pages and email promotions for one of the nation's leading menswear retailers! In between I had the good fortune to broaden my experiences doing everything from designing hand-drawn newsletters for a country gift shop/garden center to voicing a hound dog on radio ads to designing graphics that travel all across the country on tractor trailers. Sound interesting? You may want to check out my more formal resume for the details, or better yet, take a look at some of the samples of my work in the WHAT I DO section of the site.

The evolution of my experiences has allowed me to refine my skill set and has trained me to work creatively and quickly, but most of all effectively. I enjoy the nature of this business in that each day is a different project going in a different direction to speak to a different audience. Interested? Let's discuss some ideas for your projects!

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Jason Resh | 210 Fleming Ave, Hanover, PA 17331 | P 717-965-6455 | F 717-633-7751 | jason@silverpennystudio.com